The Gnostic Q evolved during the elaboration of THE HIDDEN PASSION: A Novel of the Gnostic Christ based on the Nag Hammadi Texts.

      When the first evangelists composed their gospels, they drew upon a list of sayings which scholars later called 'Q' (from Quelle meaning Source).

      In the spirit of the first evangelists, I de-constructed all the known Gnostic texts to create a large list of sayings which I later called The Gnostic Q. Over the course of several years, these sayings were grouped around certain key words to create A GLOSSARY OF GNOSTIC TERMS. Since students of Gnosticism may find this research tool helpful, I've now made it available through this new site, GnosticQ.com.

      THE HIDDEN PASSION weaves over 1,500 sayings from the Gnostic Q to recount the unusual tale of the Gnostic savior. This historical novel presents the original Gnostic message in a lucid and compelling narrative. Browse its pages on-line and DISCOVER THE HIDDEN PASSION.